50 Years of HeritageSINKANG INDUSTRIES

Sinkang Industries Co. Ltd. was established in 1971
and is one of the largest stainless steel surface treatment
& shearing enterprises in Taiwan. 
We offer 5 main services: stainless steel plate/coil shearing, coil slitting, plate surface treatment, mirror finishing, and embossing forming. Our production plants are located at Hsinchuang, New Taipei City and Tayuan, Taoyuan City. Our sales offices are distributed in Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung to provide customers with the most comprehensive and convenient services.
About Us


Sinkang upholds the highest principle of putting service and quality first, with innovations of our corporate governance policy; Externally, we maintain a good relationship with our customers and make thoughtful considerations for them; while internally, we have strict requirements on our production process verified by all employees, passing on a professional and responsible attitude that expresses a sense of trustworthiness and reliability.

About Us


Sinkang plays a pivotal role in the industry chain. We are committed to improving service quality and product stability. We uphold the high standard of "Sinkang Production", providing processed stainless-steel products to various industries for manufacturing, thus assisting hundreds of industries and over 10-thousands of enterprises in production and applications. We insist on "people" being our most important asset, and constantly update our software and hardware equipment and talent cultivation plan, including annual internal and external trainings and technical upgrades. In addition, we achieved patented technology certifications which enable us to advance with the times and create a prosperous future together with our customers.

About Us


Sinkang surpasses our fellow competitors in the global climate change. We have been promoting energy saving and carbon reduction in our energy and environmental policies. Stainless steel is in fact a low-pollution, non-toxic and highly renewable clean raw material, which does not create a burden to the environment. Our Hsinchuang Plant achieved ISO certificates and Tayuan Plant follows the industrial park’s specifications such as in setting up sewage treatment. In addition, in collaboration with a energy company, solar power generation devices are installed to create green energy and contribute to sustainable development.

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  • Tableware Industry
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  • Office equipment
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  • Medical Equipment
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  • Petrochemical Industry
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  • Transportation
  • Machinery Manufacturing
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