Source of Raw Materials原料來源

Sinkang’s raw materials are mainly sourced from domestic suppliers. The main suppliers are Yieh United, Tang Eng, Walsin Lihwa, Tung Mung, etc.

The raw materials are mainly divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled stainless-steel sheets/coils, which are controlled step by step to ensure a first class quality.

5 Main Services五大服務

Sinkang specializes in stainless steel surface treatment and shearing. Our main products are stainless steel sheets/coils, wire rods , and tubes, providing diversified solutions for different customer needs. Our 5 main services are :

Surface treatment (HL, NO4)
Embossing forming
Mirror finishing (BA8)

Additional Services加值服務

To cater the diversified needs of our customers, Sinkang also provides additional thoughtful services, namely :

Round tube forming
Angle bar forming

Processing Capacity加工能力

Sinkang provides secondary processing of stainless steel, which is part of the midstream of the stainless-steel industry and is an indispensable hub. We have diversified machinery and equipment domestically and abroad, and a complete production line to improve the overall quality and efficiency, providing our customers with complete processing services.

Name of EquipmentThickness(mm)Width(mm)Length(mm)
Shearing Line machines0.3~3.050~1560100~6100
Slitting Line Machines0.3~6.010~1570 
Re-coiling Line Machine0.3~0.8550~1250 
Coil Polishing Line Machine0.4~3.0500~1570 
Sheet Polishing Line Machine0.6~3.0700~15701220~5000
Shearing Machines0.3~6.0Max.4050 
PVC Coating Machine0.3~3.0Max.1570Max.4000

Types & Uses表面種類及用途

Surface treatment symbolProcessing stateUses
No.1Heat treatment, pickling, or equivalent treatment after hot rolling.Heat-resistant industries that do not pay much attention to surface smoothness treatment, such as chemical tanks.
2BAfter cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling,  etc., then skin passed Smooth surface. Bright and smooth finish. Easily re-grinded to make it brighter. Used in a wide range of applications, including hospital medical equipment, milk pails, tableware, and construction materials.
BAAfter cold rolling, bright annealed and skin passed. Smooth, bright, and reflective surface.Kitchenware, tableware, electrical appliances, medical equipment, paper glazing, architectural decoration, etc.
NO.4Grinding with abrasive belts with a particle size above 180#.High-level processing is both hygienic and clean, suitable for milk product processing equipment, medical equipment, building decoration and other uses.
HL(Hair Line)Grinding materials with appropriate granularity for continuous stripe grinding.Mostly applied in architectural decoration with very wide applications (such as elevators, escalators, door surface).
SHAfter cold rolling, no annealing or pickling  Harder surface.High hardness and good elasticity, suitable for spring sheets or electronic parts.
NO.8Moderate grinding after cold rolling.Mostly applied in architectural decoration with very wide applications (such as elevators, escalators, door surface, reflectors).